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As one of the largest school districts in the state of Minnesota, St. Paul Public Schools recognizes the importance of conserving resources and protecting our environment. SPPS pledges its commitment to environmental stewardship by fostering healthy and sustainable schools that positively impact our students' learning experience and prepare them to be environmentally literate leaders of tomorrow. Want to know who's behind all this work? Meet the Staff and find out.

Sustainability Working Group Develops Sustainability Plan

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The District Sustainability Working Group, made up of staff from Facilities, Transportation, Nutrition Services, District Administration, Wellness, and Educators are meeting throughout 2017 to craft district-wide sustainability goals to be included in a comprehensive plan. This group will soon be creating satellite sub-groups with each focusing on different areas of sustainability to better develop ideas for departments across the district. If interested in participating, please email for more information.

TEACHING SUSTAINABILITY:More often than not educators would love to implement sustainability themes into their lessons, however, time and standards can become an issue. This webpage contains resources that provide standard based lessons, interactive tools, activities, and ideas for educators to creatively introduce sustainability into the classroom! 

WASTE & RECYCLING :The Facilities Department works hard to ensure maximum waste prevention and diversion across the District. Currently, we are among the top 5 urban school Districts in the U.S. for recycling rates! 

ENERGY:Energy efficiency is a hot topic in today’s age, see how SPPS works to decrease energy consumption and reduce our carbon footprint.