Indigenous and World Languages

  • World language instruction in Saint Paul Public Schools is designed to facilitate genuine interaction with others. Students learn to communicate with people in other languages and cultures in a variety of settings, look beyond their customary borders, and develop insight into their own language and culture. Research indicates that the process of studying another language gives students a cognitive boost in other subject areas, enabling them to perform at higher levels.

    Dakota, Lakota, Ojibwe
    Schools offering native languages

    Elementary schools offering French

    Central high School offers German language courses

    Schools offering Hmong language courses

    School offering Japanese language courses

    School offering Lating language classes

    Mandarin Chinese
    Schools offering Mandarin Chinese classes

    School offering Russian language courses

    Schools offering Spanish language courses

    Elementary Schools

    Middle Schools

    High Schools

World Languages Offered in SPPS

  • Elementary

    • in some elementary schools, Spanish, Ojibwe, D/Lakota, and Mandarin Chinese

    Junior High

    • Chinese
    • French
    • Japanese
    • D/Lakota
    • Ojibwe
    • Spanish
    • Hmong

    7th and 8th grades: Students begin to earn high school credit, and entry into higher levels in high school, by:

    Pathway A: IWL classes offered on an A/B schedule-

    7th grade: first half of HS Level 1, taught on alternating days (3 Units)

    8th grade: second half of HS Level 1, taught on alternating days (3 Units)

    Students earn 1 year of high-school world-language credit, and enter HS at Level 2

    Pathway B: IWL classes offered on an every-day schedule-

    7th grade: HS Level 1, taught every day, (6 units)

    8th grade: HS Level 2, taught every day, (6 units)

    Students earn 2 years of high-school world-language credit, and enter HS at Level 3

    Senior High
    9-12 language courses include Standard, Advanced Placement, College in Schools, and International Baccalaureate instruction in:

    • Chinese
    • L/Dakota
    • French
    • German
    • Hmong
    • Japanese
    • Latin
    • Ojibwe
    • Russian
    • Spanish