• Students who are currently enrolled in a St Paul Public School or Charter school and wish to enroll in Evening High School (EHS) need to get a course request form from their high school counselor.   Students who attend a Charter School or another school outside of St Paul Public Schools will need to download the referral form below.  Students will need to bring that referral form completed by their home school counselor to EHS during the registration required dates in order to get enrolled.  The referral needs to specify which class or classes should be considered and whether the student is eligible to take online classes.  If the student never attended a St Paul Public School.  You will need to go to the Student Placement Center at 2102 University Ave W to obtain an SPPS student ID number. 

    Attendance is very important in EHS.  Students must attendall required classes and be on time.  Students must physically be in class on their required day/days to be counted as present.  If a student is not physicially in the building occupying a seat they are considered absent.  

    Feel free to call Evening High School (EHS) at 651-744-1210 if you have any questions.