Column: End of Year Message from Department of School Climate and Support

  • Colleagues:

    As we move into the final weeks of the school year, many students (and some staff) may experience anxiety as they anticipate the transition to summer vacation, changing relationships, graduation or moving to a new school.

    This anxiousness sometimes presents itself in the form of problem behaviors. It is important for all staff to continue to maintain a safe and welcoming school climate, because we all function at a higher capacity when we feel safe and welcomed.

    Please consider some of the points below as ways to continue building a positive school climate.

    • Re-teach Tier One behavior expectations in the school community
    • Remind staff and students that we all share in creating and maintaining a safe school environment
    • Review the Rights and Responsibilities Handbook to increase awareness of expected behaviors, including what constitutes a dangerous item at school
    • Continue to follow the routines and structures that exist in your school. For example, review the school-wide discipline plan at a staff meeting. Teachers might review the School-Wide Expectations Matrix during morning meeting or advisory.
    • Remind all staff how to respond to alleged bullying and harassment
    • Welcome all students by name. Personalizing in this way helps increase a sense of belonging

    Contact the Department of School Climate & Support for more information, resources and assistance to:

    • Strengthen your school’s SAT team
    • Further develop Tier 1 or Tier 2 PBIS systems
    • Learn more about the SPPS protocols and strategies available to provide students with social emotional support

    Thank you for all the work you do every day to make Saint Paul Public Schools a safe and welcoming environment. This work supports the academic, behavioral and social emotional success of our students.



    Jon Peterson
    Executive Director, Office of College & Career Readiness

    Kathy Lombardi
    Assistant Director, Department of School Climate & Support