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Middle School (5-7) Overview

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    Students in grades 5-7 who enroll in S-Term 1 or S-Term 2 receive academic support in reading, writing and math – all in a classroom environment that is very different from the regular school year. S-Term teachers have the flexibility to adapt to many learning styles and focus on subjects in depth. In S-Term students receive the support they may need to succeed during the next school year.

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Here is a list of times and locations of S-Term sites for elementary, middle and high schools. The list also includes Online Credit Recovery and CDF Freedom School sites.

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Instrumental Music

  • Instrumental Music Flyer

    Students in grades 5-7 can study instrumental music during S-Term 1 and S-Term 2. Instruments and music books are provided. ENGLISHHMOOB | ESPAÑOL | SOOMAALI |