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High School (8-12) Overview

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    High school is an important time for all students. During S-Term 2, eligible eighth graders can prepare for high school. Students in grades 9-12 can stay on track for graduation through credit recovery during S-Term 1 and/or S-Term 2.

    Eighth Grade Opportunities

    S-Term 1 is not available to students in grade 8. In S-Term 2, students participate in leadership opportunities, prepare for the transition to high school, and work on higher level math and reading skills. Students in grade 8 may register for S-Term 2 OR CDF Freedom Schools.

    Credit Recovery

    Students in grades 9-12 who are behind by six or fewer credits can register for S-Term 1 OR S-Term 2. Students in grades 9-12 who are behind by more than six credits should attend BOTH S-Term 1 AND S-Term 2. Online classes are available through Saint Paul College for students who are 16-21** years old. AGAPE and Harding students currently using SPPS childcare will attend S-Term at Gordon Parks with AGAPE as the childcare site. Talk with your student’s school counselor to find the best S-Term options and to register.



Here is a list of times and locations of S-Term sites for elementary, middle and high schools. The list also includes Online Credit Recovery and CDF Freedom School sites.

2017 S-Term Guides


  • If you have completed course work (seat based or online) and need to have your transcript sent to a Non-SPPS school for high school credit, please follow the instructions on the following link:

    Summer transcripts are issued through the Student Placement Center.

    The $5 transcript fee is waived for students attending S-Term.