Department of Research, Evaluation and Assessment Staff

District Headquarters - 360 Colborne Street - 3rd Floor Fax #: 651-233-5169
Staff Contact Information Typical Responsibilities
Stacey Gray Akyea
Title: Director
Phone: 651-767-8361
Reporting to public, Board of Education, district and school staff; NCLB; Optimizing REA capacity.
Joe Munnich
Title: Assistant Director
Phone: 651-767-8109
Implementation and reporting of accountability framework supporting the Strong Schools, Strong Communities strategic plan, including VisionCards, and data for school continuous improvement plans (SCIPs); information management; data agreements.
Marian Heinrichs
Title: Manager of Program Evaluation
Phone: 651-767-8116
Supervision of program evaluation activities; work with District partnerships, leadership programs and Grants office.
Andrew Crichton
Title: Management Assistant II
Phone: 651-744-3172
Communication and scheduling; Coordination of research proposals; preparation of correspondence; assistance in test administration and reporting.
John Lindner
Title: Assessment Specialist
Phone: 651-767-8296
Interpretation, analysis, reporting, and data use support of assessments; gifted services analyses; NCLB reporting.
Robin Lane
Title: District-wide Testing Coordinator
Phone: 651-767-8257
Coordination of MCAs, ACCESS for ELLs, and CogAT7; ViewPoint and MDE Secured Reports training; project manager.
Michael Wirtz
Title: District-wide Testing Coordinator
Phone: 651-632-3776
Cell: 651-261-0045
Coordination of MCA/MTAS, OLPA, ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 ACT, ACCUPLACER and Graduation Assessment Requirements.
EVALUATION   -  contact: Marian Heinrichs
Mao Jacobson
Title: Program Evaluator
Phone: 651-767-8142
Evaluation of SPPS programs centering on the implementation of programs, curricula and instructional practices and the professional development provided to support these practices.
Holly Miller
Title: Program Evaluator
Phone: 651-767-3476
Pang Nhia Yang
Title: Program Evaluator
Phone: 651-744-5780
INFORMATION MANAGEMENT  -   contact: Joe Munnich
Kelsey Curran
Title: Research Analyst I
Phone: 651-767-8115
Manage Data Center and REA website; military recruiter requests; data cleaning; data visualization for reporting and presentations; data requests including assessment, demographics, attendance and course data.
Mark Gruen
Title: Research Analyst III
Phone: 651-744-4646
Data analysis and reporting for Office of Specialized Services.
Cindy Porter
Title: Research Analyst III
Phone: 651-767-8371
Analysis and mapping of student demographic and enrollment data; internal/external data requests relating to demographics and enrollment, including discipline, graduation rate, mobility, and attendance data.
Neelam Sethi
Title: Student Information System Support Analyst
Phone: 651-767-8226
Creating database reporting solutions; managing data systems and interfacing with data architects to prepare data for migration, and assisting in the migration of data.
Phi Vu
Title: Research Analyst II
Phone: 651-767-8192
Data analysis and reporting for Office of Multilinqual Learners; ACCESS Assessment contact.
Sally Williams
Title: Research Analyst III
Phone: 651-744-7413
Analysis of student assessment data; internal/external data requests that intersect assessment, demographics and enrollment, including discipline, graduation rate, mobility, course and attendance data.
  • REA Mission & Vision:


    Inform Toward Improvement

    We will support the District's Mission—"To provide a premier education for all with long-range goals for high achievement, meaningful connections, and a respectful environment"—through our expertise in:

    • Research & Evaluation
    • Data & Collection
    • Training & Guidance
    • Dissemination