Jayne Ropella, Principal

348 Hamline Ave. S, Saint Paul, MN 55105

651-293-8780 | Get Directions

Principal/School Name

360 Colborne Street, Saint Paul, MN, 55102

651-767-8100 | Get Directions

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Book Author Student School Year Commerical Link
11 Birthdays Wendy Mass Morgan 2015-2016 http://voice.adobe.com/a/oY8gK/
11 Birthdays Wendy Mass Ellie 2015-2016 http://voice.adobe.com/a/9459G/
365 Days Of Wonder R.J Palacio Chloe 2014-2015 http://voice.adobe.com/a/7jd3D/
43 Old Cemetery Road Dying To Meet You Kate Klise Abby and Grace 2015-2016 http://voice.adobe.com/a/0rXLY/
43 Old Cemetery Road Dying to meet you Kate Kliss Sabrena 2016/2017 http://spark.adobe.com/video/0248e02f-9f3f-433c-a805-a1262001286e
A Dog's Purpose W. Bruce Cameron Cali 2016/2017 http://spark.adobe.com/video/6e7706a6-f1aa-4183-819d-793d27427c96
A tale dark and grim Adam Gidwitz Karl 2015-2016 http://voice.adobe.com/a/NLN9O/
A to Z Mystery Ron Roy Maria 2015-2016 http://voice.adobe.com/a/rkiQg_mz/
A Wizard Of Earthsea Ursula K. LeGuin Samuel 2014-2015 http://voice.adobe.com/a/W99br/
Almost Home Joan Bauer Jaya 2016/2017 http://spark.adobe.com/video/2f98e639-81db-4e0a-bc50-c213ea2f5374
Anne Of Green Gables L.M. Montgomery Raina 2016/2017 http://spark.adobe.com/video/7fdf2301-8177-4e4e-b76d-63a101c693e0
Beacause Of Mr. Terupt Rob Buyea Aeden 2015-2016 http://voice.adobe.com/a/m58vX/
Because of Mr. Terupt Rob Buyea Will 2015-2016 http://voice.adobe.com/a/zRODX/
Because of Mr. Terupt Rob Buyea Nathan and Emery 2015-2016 http://voice.adobe.com/a/AwJQe/
because of Mr. Terupt Rob Buyea Henry 2015-2016 http://voice.adobe.com/a/aMVEm/
Because of Mr.Terupt Rob Buyea Sabrena 2016/2017 http://spark.adobe.com/video/c3ab9e2a-39ec-4e01-97c3-8d84aa34c41a
Blubber Judy Blume Owen and Jason 2016/2017 http://spark.adobe.com/video/885068f6-9a8c-4873-818e-fb864659b407
Bone Jeff Smith Greg 2014-2015 http://voice.adobe.com/a/WEBye/
Bone Jeff Smith Ray 2014-2015 http://voice.adobe.com/a/2KlVX/
Bone Jeff Smith Blake 2014-2015 http://voice.adobe.com/a/Wrdwn/
Bot Wars J.V.Kade Will 2015-2016 http://voice.adobe.com/a/X4lQb/
boys are dogs Leslie Morgolis Abby 2015-2016 http://voice.adobe.com/a/aMqm4/
Boys are Dogs Leslie Margolis Amalia 2016/2017 http://spark.adobe.com/video/efaa2e30-7893-4e3d-a1fa-f6e86155741a
Bud Not Buddy Christopher Paul Curtis LeBron 2014-2015 http://voice.adobe.com/a/7Zo4V/
Bud Not Buddy Christopher Paul Curtis Emery 2015-2016 http://voice.adobe.com/a/DYyKx/