FMP School Design Committees

As part of the Facilities Master Plan (FMP), schools are being scheduled to start the planning phase for remodeling projects to improve their buildings. Each school will form two committees to inform this planning:
  • School Steering Committee: Responsible for guiding the overall process at the school; members include the principal, district academic and facilities leadership, building engineer, a parent and a staff member.

  • School Design Committee: Responsible for shaping the work at a particular schools; includes all stakeholders.
Specific information on each school project can be viewed at the links below such as workshop planning dates; workshop meeting notes and handouts; and the remodeling work scopes.

  1. Adams Spanish Immersion; original work scope (conceptual)

  2. Como Park Senior High School; original work scope (conceptual)

  3. Highland Park Elementary; original work scope (conceptual)

  4. Horace Mann Elementary; original work scope (conceptual)

  5. Humboldt High School; original work scope (conceptual)

  6. Linwood Monroe Arts Plus Elementary:

    Monroe/Upper - original work scope (conceptual)

    Linwood/Lower - original work scope (conceptual)

  7. RiverEast Elementary and Secondary (relocation to 1055 Mackubin St.)

  8. St. Anthony Park Elementary; original work scope (conceptual)
Not all schools will be scheduled in the 2015-16 or 2016-17 school year. Schools not listed above will be scheduled at a later date.

Have you heard about the FMP?

Have you heard of the FMP?

FMP Guiding Documents

See the Facility Vision, Principles and 47 Standards developed by the FMP Committee that provide the underpinning to the criteria SPPS will use to prioritize facility improvement decisions.