Business Education

  • b Business Education courses teach students how the functions of business--marketing, management, accounting, production, and finance-work together.

    Students learn the basic skills of computation, communication, decision-making, and problem solving that will help them succeed.

    One of the most important areas of business education is the use of technology. In business courses, students learn to use computers as tools to produce professional documents and conduct research using the Internet. The skills of writing, listening, and speaking are also important components of all business courses. Students are prepared to directly enter the business world or to pursue business careers through higher education.

    Accounting Curriculum

    Business Management Curriculum

    Marketing Curriculum

    Information Technology Curriculum

    Work Based Learning Curriculum

    Finance Education Curriculum

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  • Career College Readiness

    Career and College Readiness


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    Ca · reer
    One’s calling in life; a person’s occupation; one’s profession.

    Col · lege

    Any institution of higher education that awards a degree or credential post-high school graduation.  This includes, but is not limited to, universities, community colleges, trade schools and more.

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