Work Experience Programs

  • The program consists of an internship called Occupational internship, and a course called Career Seminar. work The Work Experience program is a partnership between the high schools and businesses supervised by a work coordinator. Students attend school part of the day for required classes and the Career Seminar class and leave school for the internship. Work coordinators assist in finding internships of interest for each student. Students earn credits in the work experience program. They may participate in the program for up to two years. Students learn how to research careers and post-secondary education opportunities. They learn how to apply for a job, interview, succeed on the job, and maintain personal finances. Many of the internships lead to full-time employment with benefits including employer-sponsored college tuition.

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  • Career College Readiness

    Career and College Readiness


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    Ca · reer
    One’s calling in life; a person’s occupation; one’s profession.

    Col · lege

    Any institution of higher education that awards a degree or credential post-high school graduation.  This includes, but is not limited to, universities, community colleges, trade schools and more.

    College Can Change Everything