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  • Educational iPad Apps & Websites 

    Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) uses iPad apps, Mac Apps and websites to support a variety of instructional goals. All iPad apps, Mac Apps and Website accessing student data must be approved for content quality and security guidelines. A list of district approved apps and websites and their data privacy policies is available below.


    Approved iPad App List

    Approved Website List

    Approved Mac App List

    Approved iPad Apps Approved Websites

     Approved Mac Apps


    Apps Approval

    Security Vetting Process

    Account Creation

    Apps Approval Process

    Security Vetting Process

    Account Creation Methods


    The Self Service App Store has limited space and is focused on creation, quality, and general use. In order to be included in the Self Service App Store, Apps and Websites must:Self Service

    • Comply with state & federal data privacy regulations.
    • Provide privacy statements.
    • Free, not trial software.
    • Meet usage statistic requirements.
    • Support standards, SPPS curriculum & instructional frameworks.
    • Not duplicate functions provided by other tools.


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