Frequently Asked Questions - Parent/Guardian Usernames and Passwords

  • Parents and guardians were mailed letters with their new username and password during the week of August 15, 2016. You can use your new account to log in to multiple online tools including Campus Portal (and to fill out online forms through iUpdate) and Schoology.


    Does my parent/guardian username and password work for Campus and Schoology?

    Yes, in 2016-17 parents will use their new usernames and passwords to log in to both Campus and Schoology. The links to each tool can be found at


    Does my parent/guardian username and password replace my previously used Campus Portal username and password?

    Yes, the parent/guardian usernames and passwords that you received by U.S. mail are now used to log in to Campus Portal. Previous Campus Portal usernames and passwords will expire on October 1, 2016. Your child’s data will be available on both accounts until that date.


    How does it work when I have more than one student in SPPS? Do I need an account for each student?

    No, each parent/guardian account provides access to all students to whom one has guardianship in both Campus Portal and Schoology.


    Who in our family has been assigned parent/guardian accounts? Can we combine the accounts into one log-in?

    All parents and legal guardians have unique accounts. This is necessary to ensure data privacy for families who may have split households or blended families. Please do not share usernames and passwords with your children or other adults.


    Can I change my parent/guardian username?

    No, your assigned username (the letter G followed by six numbers) is unique to you and cannot be changed. Parent/guardian usernames are similar to your child’s student ID number and allows you to access your information as it’s recorded in our Campus student record system.


    Can I change my parent/guardian  password?

    Yes, guardians may change their passwords using two different methods.

    1. Self Service Method: (Please note: You must have an email address on file and listed in your child’s school records (Campus) in order to reset your password online.) Visit and click the link under PARENTS AND GUARDIANS: RECOVER OR CREATE A NEW PASSWORD. Enter your username and submit. A link will be sent to your email to set a new password.
    2. Contact your school's clerk to request a password change and/or username recovery. Clerks will ask for a desired password and will double-check that you have an email address on file.