• SPPS will offer online classes during both sessions of Summer Term 2017 at Saint Paul College. All online students must be 16 by the end of any session, and cannot enroll in a session that begins after they turn 21. 

    Because these are not “virtual” classes, face-to-face contact with the teacher is required. Online students are required to be at Saint Paul College for at least two meeting per week with their teacher, according to the printed schedule. Each teacher will be on site two days per week, but both labs will be open 5 days a week. Students must attend ALL weekly meetings on the calendar

    Online students MUST work each day on their class, which is available online 24/7/365, in order to finish on schedule. We grant no extensions to finish work after the last day of the session. 

    Contact Leslie Snow via email at leslie.snow@spps.org or by phone at 651-744-8013 if you have further questions about summer online classes.