• Courageous Conversation Protocol

    Courageous Conversations About Race: A Field Guide for Achieving Equity in Schools, written by Glenn Singleton and Curtis Linton as part of the Pacific Educational Group (PEG), is recommended reading for all SPPS staff. 


    The specific protocol for having Courageous Conversations about race include using the agreements, conditions and compass. 


    Four Agreements

    • Stay engaged
    • Speak your truth
    • Experience discomfort
    • Expect and accept non-closure


      Six Conditions

    • Focus on personal, local and immediate
    • Isolate race
    • Normalize social construction & multiple perspectives
    • Monitor agreements, conditions and establish parameters
    • Use a "working definition" for race
    • Examine the presence and role of "Whiteness"



      The compass was created to help us understand how we each process and engage with information about race.  It is a way to understand one another's opinions and beliefs.  According to the compass, there are 4 ways that people deal with race:  Emotional, Intellectual, Moral and Social. 



    Contains tools, models, and guidelines from the Pacific Educational Group, such as the racial autobiography prompts, the iceberg model, the ladder of inference, and the theory of action.


    Contains the PEG framework overview, an article on colorblind ideology, and an article on critical race theory.


    Contains materials from the Pacific Educational Group including table tents, bookmarks, posters and the compass.