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Who We Are
The Chief Executive Officer supports the Office of the Superintendent by coordinating the Superintendent's senior management team and serving as the primary staff liaison to the Board of Education. The Chief Executive Officer oversees and monitors the district's efforts in the areas of:

The Chief Executive Officer also supervises the Office of Accountability which supports schools, programs and departments in meeting district, state and federal performance goals and objectives through data-driven decision making. The Office of Accountability includes the departments of:

What We Do

  • Coordinate development and implementation of the district’s Strong Schools, Strong Communities strategic plan
  • Coordinate all state mandated assessments and specific district-wide assessments
  • Facilitate development and implementation of Board policies and administrative procedures
  • Oversee district’s policy and legislative activities, including testimony and correspondence with local, state and federal governmental agencies and officials
  • Monitor and support the implementation of the district racial equity transformation plan through professional development and coaching
  • Provide strategic services to recruit, hire, retain and promote a diverse workforce
  • Support district with payroll activity, financial & budget support, accounting standards enforcement to ensure high fiscal performance 

Call Us When You....

  • Need district, school or student performance data and/or analysis
  • Have questions about existing Board policy or administrative procedures or need help drafting proposals for new ones
  • Receive an invitation to testify on behalf of the district before a local, state or federal body, or a request from an official to visit or hold an event at your school or site
  • Need to know the district’s position on an issue, or want to offer a recommendation for a position
  • Would like information on conducting external research projects throughout the district
  • Have questions about the district's racial equity transformation plan
  • Need information regarding employee health benefits
  • Have questions about a potential career opportunity within the district