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Ann Eaton Johnson, Principal

2180 Knapp Street, Saint Paul, MN 55108

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360 Colborne Street, Saint Paul, MN, 55102

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Become a volunteer tutor at St. Anthony Park!

  • Part of what makes St. Anthony Park such a special place is that there is such a strong sense of community.  We believe that parents, grandparents, and community members have so much to offer our students, and we would love to make good use of your talents and time! A powerful way to get involved in our school is through the Volunteer Tutoring program. Volunteer tutors come into our building on a weekly basis to meet with students who need a little extra individual or small group support to reach academic success.  Tutors regularly work with the same students, so it is a great chance to build relationships while helping them grow!  

    Here's how it works:

    • Interested people should contact Becky Kallhoff, Tutoring Coordinator, at or 651-744-2458.  She will work with you to figure out what would work best in your schedule, as well as where your interest areas lie (subject matter, age group, special skills, etc.).  
    • Volunteer tutors are then assigned day(s) and time(s) with one or more teachers.  Teachers will determine which students the tutors will work with, and will also plan the activities that tutors will go over with students.  We ask that tutors be willing to spend at least 45 minutes at school per week- for some, that is the perfect amount.  Other tutors spend significantly more time here.  Both instances are welcome and needed!
    • Tutors continue to work with the same classrooms for the duration of the school year.  Over the course of the year, the students they work with may change based on individual need.  By doing this, tutors are able to get to know students well, and a true partnership can be made between tutor and teacher.

    Examples of activities that tutors may do with students:

    *lead a book group * math games or review* guided reading out loud * help a child practice spelling * work with students to strengthen writing skills * Ask the 5 W’s to gain reading comprehension * Help kids identify goals and how to reach them * work on breaking a problem down into smaller pieces * help build skills and confidence!

    Volunteer requirements:

    • Interested in helping students succeed (no prior experience needed!)
    • Available for a minimum of 45 minutes per week for the entire school year
    • Eager to support K-5 students in math, reading, and/or writing
    • Available during the school day (8:30-3:00) or on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays from 3:00-4:45 during EDL (Extended Day Learning).
    • Willing to submit a criminal background check

     Questions?  Contact Becky Kallhoff, Tutoring Coordinator, at or 651-744-2458


  • In the 2015-2016 school year:

    • Volunteer tutors donated 664 hours to Saint Anthony Park Elementary!
    • 75 students recieved regular, ongoing support from volunteer tutors 
    • Our volunteer tutors also helped with EDL, the science fair, and student book groups
    • U of M volunteer tutors hosted the entire 5th grade to a tour of the U of M St. Paul campus



    Looking for something a little more involved?  

    St. Anthony Park is proud to partner with Minnesota Reading Corps, and has two AmeriCorps members serving as tutors in our school.  We will soon be looking for part time and full time tutors for the 2017-2018 school year!  Tutors work with K-3 students providing daily reading interventions to get struggling readers up to grade level.  During the 2015-2016 school year, Reading Corps tutors spent 1570 hours providing intensive support to 32 readers!

    Please contact Becky Kallhoff at for more details!