Ryan Vernosh, Principal

380 Victoria St N., Saint Paul, MN 55104

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360 Colborne Street, Saint Paul, MN, 55102

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Creative and Critical Thinking / GT

  • At Maxfield Elementary, enrichment and accelerated services are provided to all students in a variety of ways.

    • Whole class enrichment is offered for grades 1-5 with a focus on CRITICAL THINKING and CREATIVE THINKING through inquiry based learning, use of the Multiple Intelligences, and project learning.   It's learning beyond ABC and 123 that focuses on all the ways your scholar is smart!   The Multiple Intelligences supports learning in all the ways the brain works: art, music, bodily kinesthetic, logical mathematical, books, nature, inter & intra personal, and cultural.
    • High ability learners who have been identified by the St Paul Public Schools Gifted and Talented test (CogAT7), and those who are identified by teachers and parents, receive accelerated opportunities in class or through direct instruction in small groups.
    • Acceleration classes for math in grades 1-5 provide opportunities for high ability students to deepen their understanding and to accelerate their learning.

    For questions or support, please contact Traecy McJilton, Enrichment Specialist,traecy.mcjilton@spps.com 651-293-8680.