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Evening High School

  • Evening High School Welcome to Evening High School, an alternative educational program designed to provide students with meaningful learning experiences in order to complete their required course credits and graduate to something great.
    Online and "seat based" classes are offered at two sites:  Eastside Learning Hub @ Harding, 1526 Sixth St E, 55106 and Gordon Parks HS, 1212 University Ave W, 55104.
    Age requirements, criteria for eligilibility and specific services vary.  Most students under the age of 16 must be served in their regular schools.  Guidance counselors refer students and list the course requests.  Students who are not attending a regular high school may stop in to register as a soley enrolled student during the registration dates and times.
    Registration:  March 28 - April 14, 2016 (3:00pm - 7:00pm).  Each student will need to bring a completed referral form from their home school counselor.  No faxed referrals will be accepted.  EHS will begin its Fourth Quarter on April 11, 2016.