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Scott Hall, ABE Supervisor 1030 University Ave. W, St. Paul, MN 55102 | 651-290-4822

"Partnering with adults to enrich lives through education."


    Classes for ADULTS at the Hubbs Center (1030 University Ave), Hub@Harding (1526 E 6th St) and sites throughout St. Paul

    The Hubbs Center offers a variety of classes onsite, in the community and via distance learning. Classes provide opportunities to prepare for post secondary and/or employment while you improve your basic skills.

Big GED News 

If you are a MN resident, testing in MN, and you are not taking a retest, you can use a code to get your tests for FREE (until the money runs out).

For tests to be scheduled and taken after July 20, 2016, please use the following code:


Please see the GED Testing link for more details.

Child Care at Hubbs

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Under 21 and need credits?

Over 21 and want your HS Diploma?

  • The Hubbs Center now offers the option of earning an Adult Diploma.  Please click HERE for more information about the Adult Diploma Program.