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Welcome to Saint Paul Public Schools’ Parent Portal

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    What is the Parent Portal?
    Parent Portal is our tool for parents and students to access instant, online, timely and secure student information about their student’s work in Saint Paul Public Schools, and about issues that may affect them and their family. Parents are a key factor in their child’s educational and academic success. You need to stay informed about your student’s progress.

    What information can be found on Parent Portal?

    • Calendar: Tracks student class attendance and class assignments. Gray boxes indicate school is not in session.
    • Schedule: Lists your student’s class schedule, assignments and grades.
    • Attendance: Shows when your student was absent from class.
    • Behavior: Shows any behavior incidents.
    • Reports: Displays student’s schedule, missing assignments, report cards and grade transcripts.
    • Meal Balance: Shows how much money is in your student’s lunch account.
    • Overdue: Lists overdue library items.

    How does a parent get access to Parent Portal?
    Contact a clerk at your child’s school and request that a Parent Portal account be created. Click for school contact information.

    How do I change my contact information?
    Parents and guardians may now update their family’s contact information through Parent Portal by going to the Family Member and/or Household areas within Parent Portal. Please correct inaccurate contact information and add missing contact information in order to improve SPPS's ability to contact families.

    Remember, if you have been sharing your parent username and password with your children, contact your child's school to change your password and limit their access to your Portal. Students may use their own username and password to access Student Portal for the same information.

    This information will be available in Hmong, Karen, Somali and/or Spanish at a later date.

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Parent Portal Mobile

  • Mobile Access

    Parent Portal can be accessed through the MySPPS App, which also contains additional school, district and sports information.

    MySPPS will prompt you to download the Parent Portal mobile app, after which you will be prompted for your District ID. Below are instructions to download and launch the Infinite Campus app.

    1. Download the app:

    2. Launch the Campus app and Enter the District ID:


    3. Enter Your Portal Account Information to Sign In

    Enter your Campus Portal username and password. It's the same account you use in your web browser.

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