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Inform Toward Improvement
  • We will support the District's Mission—"To provide a premier education for all with long-range goals for high achievement, meaningful connections, and a respectful environment"—through our expertise in:

    • Research & Evaluation
    • Data & Collection
    • Training & Guidance
    • Dissemination

  • Remember to review enrollment for Fall budget adjustments!

    Enrollments as of Friday, September 23 will be the basis for fall budget adjustments. In order for the district to make the most efficient use of its resources, we need accurate student enrollment counts as soon as possible.

    Accuracy in enrollment at the building
    For accurate student counts, it is necessary to complete the following three tasks regularly at the building level:
    1. Find students who are enrolled but not scheduled (ghosts).
    2. Identify students who have enrolled and have a schedule but have not attended (missing) and remove them using the Missing Students Report in Campus.
    3. Evaluate student absences to determine if they should be identified as missing (low-show).

    Official daily enrollment
    While the enrollment counts are being cleaned at the building, Research, Evaluation, and Assessment (REA) will provide official daily enrollment reports for each building, starting September 13. For a student to be included in the REA official daily enrollment count, the following criteria must be met:
    1. In attendance for almost every period of every day AND
    2. Have a valid schedule.

    The official daily enrollment reports will be posted on the SPPS Data Center beginning on Tuesday, September 13. All posted daily student counts will be based on data taken from Campus Student Information System. If you have any questions about individual students, please contact

    For instructions on how to identify ghost and low-show students, review the attached document.

    Enrollment Monitoring Procedures

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