NO SCHOOL: CLOSED on Thursday, Jan. 23
Wednesday, January 22, 2014 4:35 PM

The Saint Paul School District has canceled classes and closed schools for Thursday, Jan. 23 due to weather.

The updated weather forecasts predict morning temperatures even more frigid than expected. This precipitated the change.

Administrative staff are to report to work -- anyone who works in an administration building, such as 360 Colborne, 1930 Como or 345 Plato.

School staff essential to safety and building operation should also report to work: principals or their designees, and chief engineers or their designees. Teachers, Teacher Aides and Education Aides should should not report to work.

This closure includes community education classes, adult programs, child care programs, all school open houses, and the event unveiling of the new Johnson High School Aerospace and Engineering Labs.

When school is canceled, the following activities and programs are also canceled:

  • Classes and programs at all schools
  • All after-school and PreK-12 student programs (including Discovery Club, extra-curricular activities, athletics, field trips, and events). This may not apply to sports tournaments or practices. Call your coach or school.
  • Area Learning Centers, Evening High School, Community Education classes (including classes at the Hubbs Center, East Side Hub at Harding and Early Childhood Family Education.)
  • All meetings scheduled at school district buildings.