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  • Jennifer Nordstrand MS, APRN, LSN, CPNP named School Nurse of the Year!

    Superintendent Thein & Jennifer Nordstrand, 11/5/16

    (Superintendent Thein & Jennifer Nordstrand, 11/5/16)


    The School Nurse Organization of Minnesota (SNOM) is pleased to announce the 2016 School Nurse of the Year. This honor recognizes one licensed school nurse annually who emulates the profession of School Nursing. Nominated by her peers, Jennifer is most worthy of this honor, evident by her outstanding school nursing practice.

    Jennifer works for Saint Paul Public Schools, where she has been employed since 2003. Currently, she is the resource nurse for students with disabilities along with providing direction for the third party reimbursement program. For the past five years, Jennifer has been assigned to lead the Section 504 program. Under her charge, she led the transition to an electronic Section 504 recording system. This program has expanded from under 200 students to over 800 students with active 504 plans.

    Jennifer’s passion for advocating for students with disabilities and nursing best practices have extended beyond the district level. She has participated in efforts to influence public policy for the practice of nursing within third party reimbursement. She has assisted in drafting language within Other Health Disability special education programming and has participated in policy making efforts through the Governor’s Office. Her Pediatric Nurse Practitioner certification and master’s degree from the University of MN program for children with special health care needs uniquely prepared Jennifer for this complex work.

    Jennifer brings her expertise to Saint Paul Public Schools as a coach for other Licensed School Nurses and paraprofessionals for the special education process. She serves as a member of the SNOM Special Education Committee along with the Metro 504 coordinators committee. Recently, she was a member of a team of nurses who attended the Johnson & Johnson School Health Leadership Program at Rutgers University and developed a model to complete the transfer to electronic student health records.

    As stated by her nominator, Jennifer is a leader in school nursing and holds firm that all students deserve equal access to their education. Congratulations to Jennifer Nordstrand for her excellence in school nursing and service to her profession and the community.
    SNOM Conference 11-5-16 (Back row: Mary Tomes, Tara Kaup, Kate Wilcox-Harris, Superintendent Thein, Jennifer Nordstrand, Jodi Loveland, Mary Yackley, and Janet Lowe; Front row: Ann Fate, Becky Schmidt, and Kelly Kantack)