Negotiators for Saint Paul Public Schools and the Saint Paul Federation of Teachers have reached a tentative agreement on their 2013-2015 labor contract after a 24-hour mediation session.

The contract boasts several key provisions including:

  • the means for ensuring consistency and predictability in class sizes
  • the appropriate role and higher quality of standardized student assessments
  • the maintenance and expansion of high quality early learning opportunities
  • several other issues, such as school redesign, National Board Certification, positive behavior and intervention supports for students, and greater family involvement.

“Though this has been a long and difficult process, both parties learned just how passionate we both are about the education of St. Paul’s students,” said SPPS Superintendent Valeria S. Silva. “I’m pleased that this tentative agreement strengthens the partnership between the school district and our teachers.”

Said Saint Paul Federation of Teachers President, Mary Cathryn Ricker, “I am inspired by the way SPFT educators, parents, students and community members advocated together.

“I am also grateful for the commitment of our bargaining team, the district’s bargaining team, and the Board of Education to making progress for the schools our students deserve.”

Both parties are grateful for the assistance of the state Bureau of Mediation Services.

Agreements also included a wage/benefit package for SPFT members for 2013-2015.

Details of the agreements will be announced to the public once SPFT members and SPPS board members have been briefed on today’s decisions. Both partners are arranging for media availability on Monday afternoon and details will be forthcoming.

The SPFT will hold a membership meeting Monday to discuss details of the tentative agreement, but the strike authorization vote scheduled for Feb. 24 has been canceled. The SPFT has also canceled its information meetings previously scheduled for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Saint Paul Public Schools, Saint Paul Federation of Teachers Contract Highlights

After a 24-hour mediation session, Saint Paul Public Schools and the Saint Paul Federation of Teachers reached a tentative agreement on their 2013-2015 labor contract.

Details of Tentative Agreement Reached

Details of the tentative agreement reached between Saint Paul Public Schools and the Saint Paul Federation of Teachers on their 2013-2015 labor contract is available here.

SPPS Family Letter [English, Somali, Spanish, Hmong, Karen]

Saint Paul Public Schools and the leadership of the Saint Paul Federation of Teachers – the union that represents teaching staff in your child’s school – have been negotiating the terms of our teachers’ next employment contract since May of last year. That contract outlines wages, benefits, and other work-related issues. The purpose of this letter is to inform you that the Saint Paul Federation of Teachers has scheduled – on Monday, February 24, 2014 – a vote asking its 3,200 teacher members to decide whether or not to authorize a strike. 

Labor Negotiations 2013-2015

Saint Paul Public Schools began its bi-annual contract negotiations with the Saint Paul Federation of Teachers (the teacher’s union) in May 2013 led by the following values: To support our shared mission to provide a premier education for every child, to recognize the important work of teachers in our district, and to maintain Saint Paul Public Schools’ fiscal health. 

Teacher’s Union to Vote on Feb. 24

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Saint Paul Public Schools’ Approach to Contract Negotiations

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Overview of Negotiation Process

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