Afterschool for Elementary

  • Saint Paul Public Schools Community Education provides afterschool learning opportunities for children at Saint Paul Public Elementary Schools across the city of Saint Paul.  Our programs are safe, supportive, engaging and reflective, and include a wide variety of subjects including: foreign languages, dance, LEGO engineering, theatre, Tae Kwon Do and much more.  Program days and specific class offerings vary by location.  We work with principals, youth, families and community members to create programs that meet the unique needs and interests of each school community. 

    How it works

    • Classes seasonally in the Fall, Winter and Spring.  Seasons run 6-10 weeks.
    • Classes typically last one hour.
    • Snack is provided; transportation is not provided.
    • Registration is open to the public seasonally. 
    • Any child, of the correct age, can register for a St. Paul Community Education class.

    To ensure a safe transition to class, registration for after school classes closes at midnight the day before the first day of a class. 

    If you need to get a hold of your child during class, please call the site cell phone.  Note: reception is a challenge in some sites and phone voicemail is not checked regularly as phones are only in use during program hours.

    •   Adams: 651.207.7913
    •   Expo: 651.216.5800
    •   Horace Mann: 651.216.9618
    •   Jie Ming: 612.434.1212
    •   JJ Hill: 612.503.2785
    •   LNFI Upper: 651.802.9451* Call will be directed to Rondo
    •   LNFI Lower: 651.226.5412
    •   Randolph Heights:  651.216.9143
    •   SAP: 651.200.5712
    •   Rondo: 651.802.9451






    Call 651-487-7383

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