• The Facilities Department grounds crew provides maintenance services for outdoor facilities, school grounds, city sidewalks at school sites, fencing, and parking lots at all SPPS facilities. Other responsibilities include field support for SPPS athletics and a variety of support services for district custodial staff.

    Our Committment to Trees

    The Saint Paul Public School District (SPPS) owns and manages nearly 450 acres of property within the city of Saint Paul. To some degree, each of these properties has landscaping that helps provide a welcoming and attractive place to learn and to work. Among the most important landscaping elements are trees that provide a multitude of benefits to the site, the neighborhood and the community.


    SPPS is committed to the following action items:

    1) To properly maintaining and improving tree health
    2) To cultivating an appropriate diversity of tree species
    3) To targeting tree selection for new plantings in order to achieve diversity and provide maximum benefits
    4) To remove potentially hazardous or undesirable trees within the scattered SPPS “forested landscape"
    5) To systematically remove the approximately 500 ash trees located on SPPS property within ten years, starting in 2016
    6) To NOT treat ash trees with pesticides. Not every ash tree is a good candidate for treatment. Pesticides treatments are expensive and are not a permanent, sustainable solution.


    To this end, a tree inventory and assessment was undertaken to provide a baseline of information from which to work and subsequently develop recommendations for future management. The inventory provides information to answer questions about tree diversity, tree health, immediate maintenance needs, Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) infestations and planting opportunities. To review the complete report, please click on the link below:


    2015 SPPS Tree Management Program Report






    Tree Garden  

    *Hillside trees at John A Johnson*                                                                                                                                   *Photo Credit: Pat Kenneally*    







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