Ms. Kroetsch

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Ms. Kroetsch

Mrs. Kroetsch is vocal music teacher to students in grades K-3 at our Linwood Campus. She also directs a 2nd and 3rd, a 4th and 5th grade and a 6th-8th grade choir at LMAP.

Mrs. Kroetsch has been at LMAP for 19 years, her entire teaching career. Mrs. Kroetsch has been married to her husband for ten years and they have two children.

Mrs. Kroetsch loves directing our three choirs! She is constantly inspired by the high-quality musicianship our students demonstrate when they sing together. She also loves working with the many professional artists who come into our school community to work in residence with students and teachers.

 Mrs. Kroetsch had the great fortune to serve on the committee of arts educators at the MN Department of Education developing the most recent edition of the Minnesota State Arts Standards. The arts standards encompass music, dance, theater, visual art and media arts. They provide direction in helping students learn not only about the Foundations of each art form, but also the three Large Artistic Processes: Create, Perform & Respond. The K-5 music curriculum that Mrs. Kroetsch developed for Linwood Monroe students gives them:

  • A solid grounding in the foundations of music, including: Describing the elements of music (melody, rhythm, harmony, dynamics, tone color, texture, form and their related concepts) and how they are used in the performance, creation and response to music.
  • Identifying the characteristics of a variety of genres and musical styles including cultural and historical traditions of music.
  • Reading and notating music.
  • Singing and playing instruments alone and in a group demonstrating proper posture, breathing, technique, age appropriate tone quality and expressive intent.
  • The tools to create their own music, including: Improvisation, composition and arranging rhythms, melodies and accompaniments
  • Revision of their own creative work based on feedback
  • The skills to perform music, including: Singing and playing instruments alone and in groups. Revising their own performances based on feedback
  • The ability to respond to music that they hear, including: Justifying personal interpretations and reactions to music

Linwood Monroe has a partnership with the Saint Paul Orchestra’s CONNECT program. Students will attend a SPCO concert in February focused on expression in music.  Mrs. Kroetsch is also an arts champion for our school and is happy to answer any questions about our many arts partnerships. 

You are invited to visit Mrs Kroetsch's blog dedicated to music education at Linwood Monroe Arts Plus: