Personal Learning Plans

  • Personal Learning Plans

    All Saint Paul Public Schools students, grades PreK-12, create a Personal Learning Plan (PLP). The PLP gives students opportunities to identify their strengths, skills and interests and connect them to careers that may interest them. The PLP helps students explore and identify post-secondary options that will lead them to achieve their goals.

  • Individual Advising

    All 5th, 8th and 9th grade students participate in individual advising meetings with their school counselor. Topics vary and can include growth in self-awareness, academic progress, career planning, and post-secondary planning. 

  • Xello

    Starting in Kindergarten, students access their PLP through a digital platform called Xello. Students are guided to create and add to their PLP throughout the school year during lessons taught by counselors and teachers. 

  • Post-Secondary Planning Timeline

    Planning for your future begins now! Learn more about the key things to plan for each year. Make an appointment with your school counselor for any support you might need.