Greetings fellow science enthusiasts!
    Have you heard of TheHighlandNucleus?
    It's Highland Park Senior High's very own science journal! Here you will find a couple of articles written by professionals (with summaries by us), as well as one article written by us. Every quarter a similar issue will be released. 
    If you want to submit an article to be published in TheHighlandNucelus, please go to:
    Here is where you will enter submissions and find a letter from the editors!
    Note: You will need to be signed into a SPPS account to access this link
    On this website, in addition to all issues of our journal, you will find information on various science fields. Furthermore, every month we will feature a science career and give information on successful people in that field and how you can get to that level. The Nucleus also has quarterly meetings to discuss the publication of new issues. 
    This is a relatively low-commitment activity that can really boost your resume for college!
    Please contact us with any questions or comments! 
    "The Nucleus"


    Faculty Advisor
    Liana Lingofelt
    Room 2205