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  • Mission:
    To provide responsive instruction and relevant content to meet the learning needs of SPPS students.

    We strive to provide quality learning of historical thinking, geographic inquiry, civic inquiry, and economic analysis based on MN State Standards for Social Studies, multiple narratives, absent narratives, and counter-narratives for students K-12.


      • Elementary Social Studies and Blended Learning
        Under SPPS's Well-Rounded Education (WRE) elementary students can expect 90 minutes per week for Social Studies. 
        Grades K-3 use Seesaw and Grades 4-5 use Schoology for the delivery of lessons that utilize in-class interaction and the iPad. 
        All lessons and activities constructed by the SPPS Social Studies Department use the Ignite-Chunk-Chew-Review format from Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain.  The lessons utilize culturally relevant materials and resources, including children's literature.
        The Seesaw activity links and Schoology lessons are stored in SPPS OTL: Elementary Curriculum Resources - please contact for the group join code. 
        Citizenship Test Alignment
        This is the fifth year MN Statute 2014, section 12B.02 is in effect.  This state statute requires all students to take the Citizenship Test (50 questions) at some point in high school before graduation.  The Learning Law and Democracy Foundation worked with teachers across the state to choose the 50 questions, 30 of which students must be able to answer correctly by the time they graduate: The test does not affect a student's ability to graduate.  In SPPS, students will be taking the test as part of their high school Government course.  However, much of the learning for the questions begins in elementary Social Studies.  In the summer of 2017, teachers from Grades 1-5 worked together to create anchor lessons to support learning concepts and content that first appear in elementary grades and support student success in participating in the Citizenship Test, in high school.  You can expect to find lessons linked in your grade level units that support student learning for the Citizenship Test.
        MN Statutes 2014, section 12B.02:
        SPPS is committed to providing Social Studies learning for all elementary students.  
        Grades K-5 are expected to have Social Studies at least 2-3 times per week for 30-45 minutes.  
        Grades K-3 are Foundations of Social Studies that focus on Civics, Economics, Geography and History.  
        This foundational learning scaffolds the content for Grade 4 North America Geography and Grade 5 Early Americas History (Indigenous Peoples - 1800). Elementary Social Studies directly scaffolds students for middle school Social Studies, which prepares students for success in high school Social Studies.

        The Year-at-a-Glance (YAG) for each grade can be accessed through the links below.  The YAGs share the basic road map and standards covered for the year in each grade. 
        Year at a Glance Grade 5 Early Americas History

        Resources for Teachers and Administrators:  To access detailed curriculum information, please go use the SPPS OTL: Elementary Curriculum Resources group in Schoology. Please contact for assistance. 


      • SPPS is committed to providing Social Studies instruction and learning based on MN State Standards and multiple narratives.  
        The Year-at-a-Glance (YAG) for each course can be accessed through the links below.  The YAGs which include links to unwrapped units and scope and sequence.  Course materials, resources, and lesson plans are on SPPS Schoology - contact for the access code to SPPS Secondary Social Studies on Schoology.



        SPPS Social Studies Requirements for Graduation = 16 (changes to 14 credits SY22-23)

        World History, one full year, four credits

        Human Geography, one full year, four credits (Graduating classes of 2022, 2023, 2024)

        Human Geography, one semester, two credits starting (Graduating class of 2025 and beyond)

        U.S. History, one full year, four credits

        Economics, one semester, two credits

        Government, one semester, two credits 

        Resources for Teachers and Administrators:  To access the information linked, please sign in to your SPPS Apps Account using your active directory. 

      Electives & Studies

      • SPPS Social Studies is committed to students having the opportunity to delve deeper into Social Studies disciplines through a wide variety of electives. Each school is able to determine which electives to offer in their course registration catalogue and which electives to schedule based on student interest.

        All courses below have a course number, syllabus, course-at-a-glance, unwrapped units and a Schoology group.

        Abilities Studies: Deconstructing Normal (offered only at Bridgeview)

        African American Studies

        Asian American Studies

        Hmong-American Studies  (Harding, Washington Technology only)

        In These Times

        Indigenous Studies

        Latinx Studies

        Street Law

        LGBTQ Studies



        Women's Studies

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