• Immersion Programs in Saint Paul Public Schools

    The goal of the Dual Language/Immersion Programs is for students to become bilingual, biliterate and bicultural. The first language immersion program in St. Paul began in:

    • 1986 – Adams Spanish Immersion, followed by
    • 1996 – French Immersion;
    • 2002 – Hmong Dual Language;
    • 2011 – Chinese Mandarin Immersion
    • 2016 – German Immersion- secondary level

    These programs take advantage of the natural talent of young children to learn languages, benefitting the student in ways beyond the gift of acquiring a second or third language. Any student may enroll in these programs. However, in one-way programs students must have grade level language proficiency to enter after 2nd grade.


    One-way immersion sites - elementary

    One-way immersion programs were established for students proficient in English whose families wanted them to learn another language.

    • Adams Spanish Immersion (Spanish)
    • Jié Míng Mandarin Academy (杰明) (Mandarin)
    • L’Etoile du Nord French Immersion (French)


    Two-way or dual language sites - elementary:

    Two-way dual language programs serve students of both English learner & partner language groups in the same classroom. Both languages are used for academic instruction. 

    • Jackson Elementary (Hmong)
    • Phalen Lake Elementary (Hmong)
    • Riverview Elementary (Spanish)
    • Wellstone (Spanish)