• Communicating with Community and Parents of English Learners

    The Office of Multilingual Learning (OMLL) believes that strong partnerships with families will help shape the future of not only our students lives but the future of services that are provided to English Language Learners.  

    In recognition of our mission and vision the Office of Multilingual Learning works to collaborate with:

    • Office of Family Engagement & Community Partnerships (OFECP)
    • Multilingual and Community Parent Advisory Councils (PACs)
    • Office of Communication, Marketing and Development

    The Office of Multilingual Learning understands the importance of meaningful communication with families in a language they can understand, which provides a foundation for students’ academic success and creates a welcoming school community. It also provides parents with access to all the necessary information about their child’s education. The Office of Multilingual Learning follows the guidance provided by state and federal laws that educational agencies have an obligation to notify parents adequately of information about any program, service, or activity called to the attention of non-LEP parents.

    Saint Paul Public Schools provides interpreters and translations services to schools and departments within the district.