• Capitol Art Curriculum 

    The MRC has partnered with MN Healing Stories, a local organization that is active with the "Capitol Art" project. 

    As a part of their work, MN Healing Stories has created a curriculum around the Capitol Art issue that is aligned to state required standards. The curriculum includes a PowerPoint with photos of the art that is currently displayed in the Capitol as well as lesson plans on ways to teach using the primary resources. 


    To view the curriculum and learn more about the controversy as well as the project CLICK HERE. 


    Reframe MN


    St. Paul Almanac

    st. paul almanac

        Arcata Press | Saint Paul Almanac was created in 2005 with the artistic goal of bringing the diverse Saint Paul community      together through the literary arts. The Saint Paul Almanac is a people’s meeting space for sharing the stories of our community  through our annual book, public readings, and a unique community editor mentorship program. Ethnically diverse leadership,  employees, participants, and contractors (editors and artists, etc.) is a guiding principle put into daily action for  engagement in the literary arts in Saint Paul. 

     Saint Paul Almanac exists to center the people of our community into the heart of storytelling, story sharing and all other literary  activities.

     Visit their website here.





    Black Lives Matter Syllabus

    The Black Lives Matter online curriculum provides a culturally relevant as well as culturally responsive approach to teaching about current events that affect African American citizens nationally as well as locally. This syllabus provides teachers with a reading list, video resources as well as discussion topics and links to further resources. Also available on their website is the Malcolm X and James Baldwin curriculum. 

    visit www.blacklivesmattersyllabus.com/frankleonrobertsr  to access the curriculum online!


    Teaching Tolerance Webinars

    Online trainings from Teaching for Tolerance, subjects range from discussing the 2016 Presidential Election to Religious Freedom and LGBT Equality. 

    Find a listing of webinars here!