• Mail

    • Personally addressed items can be prepared for delivery to the U.S. Post Office by our facility.
    • We have access to the school district's Campus database and we can also purchase expanded databases.  With these tools, you can target specific postal audiences, as small as one grade level at your school, or as large as all the household populations of the District.
    • Our mailing software can analyze your target audience, eliminate duplicate addresses and save you a great deal of money on postal rates that are available for group mailings from non-profit agencies.
    • "What's the difference between First-Class Mail, First-Class Presort, Non-Profit Org. and Business Reply Mail?"  We know, and we can help you navigate a system that saves you money when the correct steps are taken.
    • We have machines that stuff, seal and address your envelopes and cards.  We also have a tabbing machine that can close your piece with gummed seals affixed to the sides.