• Fall proposals due by April 1
    • Winter & Spring proposals due by September 1
    • Summer proposals due by January 15


Submission Guidelines

  • Please submit separate entries for each class you propose to teach. Please note:

    • All classes are scheduled at the discretion of Community Education Staff.
    • A submitted proposal is NOT an approved class. We will contact you only if we plan to schedule your proposed class.
    • If your proposal is selected, you will be contacted by a program manager to finalize arrangements and complete the necessary paperwork for employment with Saint Paul Public Schools, including a criminal background check.
    • You do not need to resubmit a proposal for the same class each season. We keep all proposals on file and will contact you if we'd like to use it in the future.
    • We schedule two seasons ahead (i.e. if it is currently Spring, we are scheduling for Fall).