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  • All educational activities at the Riverview Spanish/English Dual Language Program are designed for PreK-5 students around a standards-based curriculum in reading, writing and math. This provides an integrated approach to education that balances the children's learning experiences with their stage of development.

    Teachers focus on helping students understand what they read while building skills in phonics, language and vocabulary. The Project for Academic Excellence is integrated throughout the instructional day. All grade levels are involved in Reader's and Writers Workshop. There is a 60 minute period for teaching math every day.

    The Dual Language Immersion program prepares English-dominant and Spanish-dominant speakers to be fluent in the four modalities of Spanish and English literacy by the end of fifth grade: reading, writing, listening and speaking in academic and social settings.

    Special Features:

    Spanish/English Dual Language Immersion Program
    English and Spanish speaking students will be fluent in the four modalities of Spanish and English by the end of fifth grade.

    Performing Arts
    Multi-grade level performances celebrating multicultural activities using music and dance. Choir and band performances

    Community Partnerships
    Boys/Girls Club of America; Neighborhood House; Urban Teacher Education Partnership; Ordway Theatre,Gtcys(Harmony),Aces

    Distinctive Features
    All Day Kindergarten; Bilingual staff; small diverse student population; uniforms. Additional support staff to address the multiple needs of our students and their families

    School-wide social skills development
    Riverview Elementary School is committed to providing a safe and respectful learning environment through the use of a school-wide social skills curriculum: Getting Along Together

    After-school opportunities
    After-School ALC Program: Academic Support, Choir, Band, Chess Club


    Enrollment Pathway:

    Riverview > Highland Park Middle School > Highland Park Senior High School


    Prospective Family Classroom Visits Available - Please call for an appointment