Research in SPPS

  • The REA Department manages all requests to conduct research within Saint Paul Public Schools. We prioritize the privacy of all student data and the interests of students and staff when evaluating any proposal.

    Purpose: To give reasonable access to individuals, institutions and organizations to conduct approved research projects in SPPS schools, while protecting and contributing to the district’s primary responsibility of providing a premier education for all.


    The REA Department will only consider applications from:

    • Staff to conduct research to meet their educational requirements
    • Partners who are already SPPS affiliated through a current contract or MOU

    Research conducted in SPPS must support the following core values:

    • Connected to our strategic focus areas
    • Mutually beneficial to SPPS and the researcher
    • Intersect with SPPS established best practices
    • Builds on current or prior inquiry
    • Theoretical foundation reflects inclusive and diverse perspectives/learning.

    We reserve the right to limit the number of research projects in either one building or the district. 

    We will accept research proposals on a rolling basis. The review process may take several weeks. Please plan accordingly.


    Procedure: Start by reading our FAQ's below and reviewing thoroughly the documentation in the right sidebar. The Guidelines document explains our process and priorities in evaluating outside research requests. The Checklist document walks you through the required elements of your proposal. The Cover Sheet document is a fillable PDF, which should be filled out with all applicable information and necessary signatures (digital signatures or handwritten signatures are acceptable). The Data Needs form tells us what data you would like and how you will collect them. We also recommend browsing our Data Center to see if the data you need are already publicly available.

Research Proposal FAQ's

  • Who may conduct research in SPPS?

  • What is the role of REA in this process?

  • How are applications evaluated?

  • How do I apply?