• The Arts

  • Arts Department Mission:

    The mission of Arts Education in Saint Paul Public Schools is to engage all students in a culturally relevant, student-centered and rigorously comprehensive arts education in order to inspire them to think critically, pursue their dreams and change the world.

    Arts Department Goals:  

    To enable youth to:

    • use multiple perspectives to make meaning from Arts learning and experiences, people and cultures,
    • develop the capacities, in alignment with the Minnesota State Standards, to create, present/perform, respond and connect in the areas of Music, Visual Arts, Media Arts, Dance and Theatre,
    • experience profound critical and creative thinking with alignment to broader learning goals in other content areas such as Math and Literacy, and to
    • gain knowledge and skills for higher education and employment in the 21st Century.

    Support is provided to educators through high quality professional development, curriculum articulation, programming, communication, resource seeking, and  partnerships and programs.

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