Why Wellness?

  • At SPPS, we care about our employees. Our aim is to invest in the health and well-being of our greatest resource... you! That’s why we’re offering the opportunity for HealthPartners-insured employees, early retirees and their covered spouses to participate in wellness programs to help them reach their wellness goals.

    The SPPS Choose Well, Live Well Wellness program promotes a healthful and positive work environment and fosters a culture that supports healthful decisions through programs, courses, presentations and resources.  

    Why should you participate in the wellness program?

    1. Research shows that people who participate in employer -sponsored wellness activities are healthier and happier at work and at home.
    2. The Choose Well, Live Well program is a significant way to provide wellness role models to the students of the SPPS and the community of Saint Paul.

     Don’t wait – act now and see what Choose Well, Live Well can do for you.