Academic Help

  • If you are having difficulty in a class the first thing to do is meet with your teacher. Ask to set up a time before/after school when you can get some additional help. Come prepared with questions and concerns!

    Other tips for improving your grades:

    • At the beginning of each term make sure you know all of your teachers' policies. For example:  Where do you go for make-up work when you missed a day?  What is the late work policy?  Can you ask for extensions?  Is extra credit offered?  How are final grades determined?
    • Keep a separate folder and notebook for each class.  Keep everything!  Your folder should include the syllabus, assignment sheets, notes and returned homework.
    • Identify at least one student in each class you can call for questions/help.
    • Use your planner (or your own organizational system) for keeping track of deadlines.
    • If your study habits are not getting you the grades you want, evaluate them.  Use what works, discard what doesn't!
    • Make connections in what you are learning - look for ways your science labs are connected to what you are studying in history, read the newspaper and look for connections between the themes in your literature assignments and current events.

    Link Crew
    Link Crew is a transition program for freshmen students.  Hand-picked Juniors and Seniors are trained to become Link Leaders to provide support to freshmen.  Link Leaders meet with the same group of freshmen once a month to mentor them in successful high school strategies.  Link Leaders also invite freshmen to school events and encourage a positive school environment.  If you would like to find out more about connecting your freshmen student to their Link Leader, contact the coordinators:

    Cougar Catch-Up
    Students are invited to make appointments with teachers after-school for at least 30 minutes to receive homework help, discuss their grades, and make up assignments and/or tests. Students are eligible to receive a city bus token afterwards. Talk with your individual teacher to make an appointment.

    ABSC Tutoring
    The Academic Behavior Support Center, room 1106, (located near the front of the school) provides open homework help Mondays thru Thursdays from 2:00-4:00 p.m. Tutors are available, as well as computers, textbooks and supplies.  Students must be working for at least 30 minutes to be eligible for a city bus token as well as an after-school snack. The Sanneh Foundation provides personnel for this program.

    Saint Paul Public Library Homework Rescue
    Homework Rescue provides a variety of free tutoring services in both English and Spanish. One-to-one online homework help is available every day from 1-11pm. All you need to do is go to: and log on with your library bar code, or go to any St Paul Library for more information.

    The Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute is a tutoring center with a twist! The MOI, located on University Ave and Randolph (2388 University Ave W), provides free after-school tutoring for high school students Mondays thru Fridays from 3:00-4:30pm.  The MOI has partnered with Como High School to bring tutors to freshmen classrooms on Fridays. They are uniquely disguised as an Oceanographic Institute to add quirkiness to their center. For more information, contact at 613-367-7827.

    Cougar Catch-Up

    Teacher Day(s) Time Room Subject
    Adair, Dylan M, W 2-3:30 1221 Biology, AVID
    Adam, Abdisalam F 2-3:30 1420 Any
    Asher, Robyn M, W, TH 2-4:00 1221 Biology
    Bade, Maryclare M, W, TH 2-3:00 1215 Health
    Belair, Lori M by appt 1212 Clothing Tech, Culinary Arts, Child Development
    Boehm-Turner, Abigail M, W, TH, F 2-2:35 1420 English 9 & 11
    Boyer, Elizabeth M, W, F 2:00-3:30 1431 English 9, 10, 12
    Buckle, Traci TH 2-3:00 1433
    Carpenter, Nancy W 2-3:00  Intermediate Algebra, Algebra 2, PreCalculus
    Cialek, Grace W/M, TH, F by appt 2427 Reading
    Cohen, Risa M, W, TH 2:15-3:15 2429 Reading
    Crandall, Jamie TH 2-3:30 1424 English
    Crandall, Jamie M, W 2-3:30 Library English
    Fields, Jonah W by appt 1222 Algebra, English, History
    Foley, Major M,T, TH, F 11:00-2:00 1218 JROTC
    Hartzell, Allison M, W, TH 2-2:45 or by appt 2429 English, AVID
    Hastings, Sheri M, W, TH, F 2-3:00 2428 English
    Hofer, Rosemary M, W, TH 2-3:00 2426 Math, AVID
    Jacoway, Katrina T, W by appt 1423 Reading, English
    Kahn, Kathy M, TH by appt 1219 Biology
    Karimi, Abdo M, W 2-3:30 1410 Algebra, Science
    Kirkland, Major M 2-6PM 1218 JROTC
    Kuznetsov, Sonya W 2-2:45 1202 English 9 and Reading
    Larson, Steve M, W, TH, F 2:00-3:00 (by appt) 1430 Physical Science
    Lo, Teng M, W, TH 2-3:30 1405 Physical Science, Physics
    Lowther, Lindsay M, W, TH, F 2:15-3:15 1404 Science
    Luby, Elizabeth M, W, TH, F 2-3:00 1408 Chemistry/Anatomy/Physiology
    Magnuson, Roy M-F by appointment 1430 History
    Malady, Jessica M, W, TH 2-3:15 1217 Biology
    Marsh, Colin W, TH, F by appointment 2420 Math, Physics
    Teacher Day(s) Time Room Subject
    McIntyre, Jason M, W, TH 2-3:00 1220 Art
    Meister, Kristin,  M, W, TH, F 2-3:00 1426 English
    Meyer, Jackie M, W 2-3:15 2433 Geography
    Norberg, Donna M, TH 2-3:00 1406 Science
    Ouverson, Kirstyn M, W, TH 2-5:00 (by appt) 1431 English
    Paone, Elizabeth M, W, TH 2-3:00 1430, 1429 History
    Peterson, Kirsten M, W, F 2-3:30 (by appt) 1416 Spanish
    Powers, Steven M, W, TH 2:15-3:30 1427 History
    Ringaman, Bruce W 2-3:30 2430 Math
    Schmidt, Barb M, TH 2-3:00 2418 Geometry
    Storelee, Shelly TH, F 2-4:00 1411 Spanish
    Susens, Suzanne M-F 2-4:00 1412 ELL
    Teefy, Patricia M, W, TH, F 2-3:15 1415 French

    You may make an appointment with any of these teachers for help even if they are not your teacher.  When you see them after school and work with them for 30 minutes or more, you are eligible to receive a bus token for any Metro Transit bus or train.

    St. Paul Public Library

    Drop in tutoring and a quiet place to study are available at various sites and time.
    High School Hub

    An online resource that can provide help with your academics.