Finding Opportunities with SPPS

  • Advertised bids are bids estimated over $175,000. When these are available, they are advertised in both the Saint Paul Legal Ledger (612/584-1564) and on this website

    Unadvertised bids are bids for goods and services under $100,000. When these are available, they are posted on this website.

    Bids must be received by the date and time shown in the bid posting. 

    Vendors new to SPPS should review the Contracting with SPPS section to gain a clear understanding of process and expectations. 

    Construction project bid forms, plans, and specifications will be available prior to bid opening at ARC Central (952/697-8800), 4730 Park Glen Road, St. Louis Park, MN; or  A link to the printer will also be posted for each project.