Breakfast to Go

  • Breakfast to Go (B2G) is a great way for students to start their day. B2G allows students to select a school breakfast to eat in the classroom while teachers take attendance, collect homework, read, or complete administrative tasks.

    Breakfast is available at no cost to all students at all locations.

    B2G Gets Results!

    School Breakfast Improves Student Achievement. Children who eat breakfast show improved cognitive function, attention, and memory.

    School Breakfast Reduces Behavioral Issues. Researchers found students who ate meals at schools were less likely to be hyperactive and had fewer behavioral or attention problems.

    School Breakfast Improves Student Health. Breakfast eaters experience fewer

    stomach and headaches, fewer school nurse visits, and are at a reduced risk for obesity.

    Breakfast in the Classroom Is Eco-Friendly. Super Wave™ bags contain spills, make disposal easy, and reduce environmental impact.

    Breakfast in the Classroom is Beneficial to School Image. Families enjoy less morning stress. The inclusiveness eliminates the stigma of breakfast participants as “poor kids.”

    Breakfast in the Classroom is Tested. It is one of the most effective ways to significantly boost school breakfast participation.