School Resource Officers

  • The Office of Security and Emergency Management works closely with the Saint Paul Police Department to keep students and schools safe through the School Resource Officer (SRO) program. This partnership provides 7 licensed law enforcement officers to work with high schools and 2 roving officers on a daily basis.

    SROs play an important role in helping students develop positive behavioral skills, as well as keeping buildings safe and investigating complaints as needed.

    SROs often mentor and counsel students. They act as mediators when disagreements arise. SROs also train teachers and staff to identify and deal with emerging safety issues.

    These officers receive special training and are members of the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO).

    Meet the team of committed SROs who work with our schools and community. Getting to know the School Resource Officers (SROs)


    Questions, comments or concerns about the SRO's? Let us know:

    Kathleen Brown, Sergeant, Saint Paul Police SRO

    651-266-5788 ;

    Kevin Casper, Commander, Saint Paul Police SRO

    651-266-5516 ;

    Internal Affiars, Saint Paul Police Department

    651-266-8989 ; Internal Affairs website

    Laura Olson, Director, Security & Emergency Management

    651-767-8393 ;