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    Tim Hayes

    Debate offers Highland students the ability to develop their research and public speaking skills and to explore their passion for social justice in an academically rigorous, competitive forum. Students are offered the unique opportunity to showcase these skills at tournaments throughout the state, as well as throughout the nation. This provides the opportunity for interactions between students from an array of academic backgrounds and networks. Highland offers Policy format debate through the Urban Debate League (UDL), which provides students with a broad topic to research over the course of the season. Whether students are interested in politics or philosophy; whether they prefer working alone or with a partner, the debate team at Highland provides many opportunities for success for all students.

    2021's topic, selected by the National Federation of State High School Associations:

    • Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its protection of water resources in the United States.

    Practices Wednesday and Thursday at 3:15 in room 2220. 

    Email for more information.

    This year's core tournament schedule:

    • MDTA Jamboree @ Highland Park HS (9/25)
    • U of M High School Invitational @ U of M (10/8 & 9)
    • Rosebowl @ Roseville HS (10/29 & 30)
    • Tamar Kaplan Invitational @ Higland Park HS (11/13 & 14)
    • UMBrooks @ U of M West bank (11/20)
    • MNUDL Champs (12/11 & 12)

    In addition to the core tournaments, other tournaments will be added as the season progresses. 

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