Dr. Andy Mork



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Dr. Andy Mork

I teach Art for 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grade. I teach Media Arts Exploration for grades 6-8.  Please look in Schoology for details if your child has art for grades, more information and links.

Elementary Art- I enjoy elementary art because students seldom see themselves as artists, but are very enthuiastic to learn new about art, artists, and techniques. I continue to strive to find more ways for students to make choices about their own artwork, and to create artwork that communicates in his/her own voice. The Capitol Hill elementary art curriculum includes many different media including drawing, painting, weaving, ceramics, sculpture, Legos, and others. The curriculum makes explicit cultural connections. Last year we learned about Latino artwork, Somali pottery, masks from many different African people groups, and African American painting. 2017-2018 curriculum includes Latino, Karen weaving, Hmong story cloth, indigenous painting and weaving, and Somali pottery. Through these cultural connections, I have found that they engage students from those cultures, as well as provide learning opportunities for students to learn about each other and their cultural and ethnic backgrounds. 

Middle School Art- Middle school artists work to find voice as an artist. The Media Arts class explores making art in differment media, particularly digital. Students will work to use visual and media art to communicate for different purposes. 

I have worked as an educator for 24 years. I have been a 3rd grade, 4th grade, art teacher K-8, and technology integrationist. The thing that I like most about learning is continuing to learn throughout my life. In my out of school life, I have recently learned Korean cooking, how to play the piano, and the skills needed for parenting a teenager. I have four children, and live in St. Paul. My favorite things are cooking, music, hanging out with family, watching movies, building with Legos, and spending time on any water.

You can contact me at andrew.mork@stpaul.k12.mn.us