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    Clubs and Captains

    Clubs and Captains


    Senior Hall of Fame Winners: Please Send Photo(s) by week 1 of Q3 Feb. 6th

    Yearbook Congratulates this year's "Hall of Fame" winners. Please check the list below to see if you have won and if you may need to submit multiple creative photos!! Consider also reaching out to your winning partner(s) and consider submitting creative photographs (each your own->see tentative page layouts) a) 'looking at each' other Brady Bunch style; b) with props, settings, outfits to fit your category; c) other creative and unique ways to show your fame!
    Please contact, Leela Branby, or Isabella Campbell with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. Your Pictures may be sent to any of us: preferably due by the first week of Quarter 3, Feb. 6th
    most fashionable boy- Quentin Jackson girl- Shealin Heider
    Biggest road hazard boy- Isaac Foster girl- Katie Evans
    Class clown boy- Ilyaas Mohamud girl- Emmy Tawah
    couple that shouldve been Kara Savage and Owen Jakel
    Cutest Couple Jackson Mitchel and Sonja Erickson
    Dynamic duo Quentin Jackson and Emmy Tawah
    most likely to be caught sleeping in class boy- Joe lewis girl- Mika Gronfor
    Biggest heartbreaker girl- Leela Branby boy- Joe Conzet
    Most likely to be your boss boy- Otto Schmidt girl- Anna Schmidt
    most likely to find the cure for cancer boy- Otto schmidt girl- anna schmidt
    Most likely to be a pro athlete boy- Godsword Simon girl- Maeve Moening
    most likely to be a lawyer boy- sam groven   girl- Cora Fett
    most likely to be a teacher : boy-charlie abenth girl-anna rehfeld
    future social media influencer: boy-gavin sturm girl-grace bluhm
    most likleyto be a future singer/rapper boy-abdulahi ahmed girl-morgan jones
    most likely to be on broadway: boy-quentin jackson girl-cleo foley
    next gordan ramsey: boy-ryan marrone girl-jennifer argenal
    biggest animal lover: boy- owen bakko girl- celia morris
    best shoulder to cry on: boy-abdulahi ahmed girl-shealin heider
    future soccer dad: boy-everett eikenberry girl-nora taubert
    biggest scottie: boy-jackson adkins girl-emmy tawah
    future reality tv star: boy-quentin jackson girl- cleo foley

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