Youth Alive

  • Youth Alive is a student-lead Christian student group that meets outside of school hours.  It was started here at Highland in the 1990's by 4 students who wanted to connect with one another to support their lifestyle.  What the group does and when they meet has changed every year since as the students involved come and graduate.  For 2016-17 school year, the group has decided that they will relate to one another through acts of service.  They have scheduled 5 afternoons (September 29, November 10, January 5, March 9 and May 11) from 2:15-3:15 in room 2304 to plan their upcoming service(s).  Questions about getting involved can be directed to any of the following:  Felipe Ariza, Nongnut Thao, Emma McGrew, Michaela McGough, or Mike Reeder.


    Faculty Advisor
    Michael O'Connell