Mr. Randrup

Phone: 651-744-2056


Degrees and Certifications:

Physical Education K-12 Health Education 5-12 Developmental Adaptive Physical Education K-12 Masters of Arts in Education

Mr. Randrup

Mr. Randrup has lived in Alaska, Hawaii, and now Minnesota!  What brought him here?  Well, that's a long story.  The important thing is he has called Battle Creek Middle School home for the last three years.  His biggest wish is to bring the love of Health and Physical Education to every student he teaches.  You need your health to carry your bookbag, walk the stairs, and come to school.  You even need your health to go to college and one day go to a job.  John Fitzgerald Kennedy said, "Fitness is the basis for all other forms of excellence."  It's really true.  You can't buy it, you have to earn it.  How?  Well, take one of Mr. Randrup's Health or Physical Education classes to find out! Go Panthers!


Just like every class at BCMS, you need to come prepared with your binder, iPad, pencil or pen, and your bright smile!