• Saint Paul Public Schools Nutrition Services are happy to provide refreshments and/or meals for your group meetings and events!

    Use of Kitchen: All District kitchens are licensed facilities.  All local and state health department rules, regulations and guidelines must be adhered to by Nutrition Services and its assigned staff.    A Certified Food Manager employed by Nutrition Services must be present anytime any equipment is used in our kitchens.  In addition to completing the space permit with Facilities, the form must be completed and returned to the site’s Cafeteria Supervisor.  This form covers events in which only the Nutrition Services equipment is being used and your group is providing or bringing in their own food. 

    Catering and Events:  When planning a school social event, contact the Cafeteria Supervisor at the school to place a Catering and Events order.  Proper planning is important for successful events.  Orders must be placed two weeks in advance to accommodate the delivery schedules of our suppliers.   We will try to accommodate orders placed less than two weeks in advance and emergency order fees will apply. 

    Bulk Orders: Nutrition Services also offers bulk items for sale, including but not limited to fresh fruit and vegetables, snacks and sandwiches.

    Changes or Cancellations:  Requests for changes or cancellations in orders for food and beverage service on the day of the event will be charged according to the ability to re-use ordered items.

    Prices: Prices are subject to change without notice.

    Questions:  For ordering questions, please contact your site’s Cafeteria Supervisor.  If the event is not at a school site, please contact Ricardo Abbott at

    Saint Paul Public School Kitchens are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health as commercial food establishment kitchens. Minnesota Statute 157.22 section 8 states that a "school may sponsor and hold potluck events in areas of the school other than the school's kitchen, provided that the school's kitchen is not used in any manner for the potluck event."

    Minnesota Statute 157.22


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